Stored here are a number of presentations that I have done (almost exclusively on galaxies in the infrared). I have converted one to HTML using PowerPoint conversion tool. The result is not too pretty in HTML but it gives you an idea of what is in the presentation, and you can then choose to download it. For the second one, I have converted it to PDF. If your browser is set correctly, you can view it without downloading it.

The presentations were made on a Macintosh with Office 98, but they should be readable on a PC with no problem (the reverse at least is true). StarOffice (from Sun MicroSystems) is also able to read them, although with some distorsion.

Galaxy evolution

A presentation, in french, made to physics preparatory school teachers. For non-specialist, but some knowledge of extra-galactic astronomy will help. You can see and download it here

Une galaxie, comment ça tourne?

Conférence Cyclope du 14 Mars 2000, sur la rotation dans les galaxies, la nature de la structure spirale et les effets d'évolution provoqués par l'environnement. Voici le lien pour la recupérer en Powerpoint. Pour visualiser (ou télécharger) les fichier PDF, passez par ici.

Last updated on March 20, 2000