The sun as a star


->Definitions of the magnitude system.

->Definitions of magnitude terms and relations.

Distance modulus of the sun = 31.57

VisualmV = V = -26.78MV = +4.79
BlueB = -26.16MB = +5.41
UltravioletU = -26.06MU = +5.51
Bolometricmbol = -26.85Mbol = +4.72

Distance to the Sun = 1 A.U. = 1.50 1011 m = 4.85 10-6 pc.

Some confusion exists in the litterature when luminosities are quoted either in units of bolometric solar units (which make sense) or in in-band (e.g. B) solar luminosities (which do not make sense as the Sun is rarely a reference). It is therefore useful to compute the in-band B luminosity of the Sun, in units of bolometric solar luminosity. using the values for m=0 flux densities, the Sun has a B-Band flux density of 1.29 1014 Jy. This gives us the relations:


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