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As I am getting this constant in a rather old book which is not using the MKSA system, I have left blank the places where I lack the knowledge on unit conversion. I will fill these spaces later.

Fundamental constants

velocity of lightc2.9979250 108 m.s-1
gravitation constantG6.673 10-11 m3kg-1s-2
Planck constanth6.6262 10-34 J.s
electron chargee1.6022 10-19 C
electron volteV1.6022 10-19 J
Boltzmann constantk1.38062 10-23 J.K-1
Avogadro numberNA6.02217 1023 mole-1

Atomic constants

fine structure constant7.297351 10-3
mass of 1H atom1.67352 10-27 kg
mass of protonmp1.672661 10-27 kg
mass of electronme9.10956 10-31 kg
mass ratio of proton/electronmp/me1836.11