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Table of astronomical constants

The units used here are not MKSA, they are not IS, they are astronomical, i.e. mostly CGS... I know, it's a shame and sometimes leads to severe problems, therefore in the table below I have listed two values, one in the usual unit, and one in MKSA. This is drawn almost directly from "Astronomical Quantities".

NameSymbolValueValue (MKSA)
astronomical unitAU1.495979 1013 cm1.495979 1011 m
parsecpc3.085678 1018 cm3.085678 1016 m
light year9.460530 1017 cm9.460530 1015 m
velocity of lightc2.9979250 1010 cm.s-12.9979250 108 m.s-1
solar mass1.989 1033 g1.989 1030 kg
solar radius6.9599 1010 cm6.9599 108 m
solar radiation3.826 1033 erg.s-13.826 1026 W
earth mass5.976 1027 g5.976 1024 kg
local radiation fieldG01.6 10-3 erg.s-1cm-2 between 91 and 240 nm1.6 10-6 W.m-2 between 91 and 240 nm

Equatorial coordinates of some sources of interest

Unless otherwise stated, the coordinates given here refer to the 2000.0 equinox. A precession tool is available here.

SourceRight AscensionDeclination
Galactic Center17h45m42s-29º00'
North Galactic Pole12h51m24s+27º08'