I'm Marc Sauvage, infrared astronomer when I work, and this is my personal web site. I admit that I am a bit lazy in updating it but still it does evolve with time. This site is hosted by Free, a french internet provider that also offers free webspace with no commercial banners or pop-ups, and I thank them for that.

Note that all material presented here is personal, any opinions expressed are strictly my own as an individual.

This page is (always) in development but currently opens to:

• The Astro Formulae web book (go check it out!) • The Warehouse (below) where items to download are stored. If you have received an email from saying you can get something from my site, that's where it will be).
• My repository of processed CAM data, where I store fits images of galaxies observed with ISOCAM that can be downloaded for scientific use. • As I have started to use a presentation software to prepare my viewgraphs (powerpoint to mention it), I've decided to make some of them available here, both in HTML (crude) and powerpoint form. Please feel free to use them.
• If you know the data manipulation and programmation language called IDL, you know that there are tricks that can ease a programmer's life. Here is a page that lists those that I have found... (watch out, this page is framed) • With the help of Gary Mamon I have written a bibliography tool that lets you create the HTML bibliography of a list of people (a lab for instance). Feel free to download and use this tool.
• For the organization of a meeting, I have discovered AppleScript, the scripting language for the MacOS. I found out also that example scripts are the best way to learn the tricks of the language so this page presents a few of my scripts. • I maintain a random MacOSX notes page for the sake of the group of people in my lab that are running this system as their main OS. Because we're in France, it's all in French.
• I've bought myself a digital camcorder and Wow! now I'm a movie maker!! Well it's mostly family stuff, and my first steps at animated films. • Sometimes I go on trips that are totally unrelated with my work, and I take notes and pictures. I've decided to post some of them here.

Very recent addition: Nicolas Billot's PhD thesis on the PACS bolometer camera is available in the warehouse.

The french system requires that you obtain a diploma to be allowed to advise PhD students. I've just completed that. If you are interested in my work, and read french (althoug the most significant papers, in english are included), you can download the pdf file.

A number of other things may appear in the future.

One thing that could be of interest to you is a list of my electronically available publications. Feel free to extract and use figures that you may find here in your presentations. Note however that if you wish to use them in publications, you should contact the publishers of these papers who legally own the copyrights. In all cases the links provided below should allow you to do that.

If you want to get one of my not-electronically-available publications, or find problems with either the links of the downloaded files, just email me at marc_dot_sauvage_at_cea_dot_fr.

I think that glancing through the titles of my publications will let you guess in which field I work! If you're not satisfyied, then you can get more details here.

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to be continued...

This is the warehouse

In permanent storage, we have:

In temporary storage we have:

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